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Student or staff can fill in a Google Form for the type of document (certificate, letter, voucher, receipt, etc) they need, including their name and other details (user profile information and extra fields requested on the form) , and we'll automatically generate the result as a PDF and share it with them.

This works just replacing %TAGS% with extracted/requested information on a Google Docs document.

Current parameters supported:

  • %FULL_NAME% : Returns First and Last name.

  • %DATE% : Return current local time format.

  • %field1% … %field999% : Returns the form field in order of appearance.



Form View

Web App



Creating a template file:

Saving on resources directory:

Executing Web App:

PDF is exported with the user information, and it is sent by email to user:

Generated PDF file:

E-mail is sent to user:

Form View: