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Moodle Auth EduTone Admin Guide

Google to Moodle SSO Guide


This guide show how to setup a Google Apps domain with Moodle using the Google’s authentication process.


We are using a third party tool EDUTone that enables the SSO through their platform. This application is licensed as “Free as part of our support of Open Systems” for more information visit the vendor site.


1.- Go to EduTone Connector for Moodle and click on Add it now

2.-Agree and continue

Screenshot 2014-03-02 20.49.07.png

3.- You’ll be asked for permissions, click on grant data.

4.- Click on the link link for extra permissions.

5.- Select your account

6.- Fill the form with the Moodle URL and the user and password of your admin user in Moodle.

7.- Match your existing Google Apps users with your existing Moodle users

8.- Confirmation screen, continue.

9.- The installation is complete

10.-This link will be your new public Moodle URL to login first via Google authentication process.

11.- To add new user, go to Moodle ( using your old Moodle URL ) and create a new user using their full email as user, example:

12.- After user is created, enter to the URL generated on Step 10, and the the very first time login it will ask you your for permissions and for Moodle user and password.

13.- After click in Proceed it will be generated and you can access the following time without providing extra information.


1.- Go to Generated URL

2.- Login with user: demouser@gfunze.com pass: demodemo

3.- Your will be redirect to Moodle logged as a student.