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Key Features- Google & Moodle integration


Version 1.0



Table of Contents

1 Introduction to Ganymede’s SlateLMS (Google & Moodle)

2 Ease of use features and benefits

3 Some Screenshots

3.1 Integration of assignment module with Google Docs/Drive

3.2 Integration of Moodle and Google Books/ You tube

3.3 Integration of Moodle and Google Docs


  1. Introduction to Ganymede’s SlateLMS (Google & Moodle)

Ganymede is a company focussing on leveraging technology to enhance the educational experience across regions- Asia, and Middle East.  

Ganymede’s SlateLMS, leverages/integrates the strengths of Google Services and Moodle LMS, to address the specific pain points in adoption of online technology by Educational institution. The aim is to provide faculty & students with simple interfaces and methods to create/use content with the knowledge gained from trainings/workshops on Google Apps/other services.

Advantage with SlateLMS is that all the functionalities can be incorporated as plug-ins to the existing Moodle system of the customer without any modifications to the customer’s Moodle installation. These features can be included, if the customer upgrades, in to newer versions of Moodle.

This document highlights key aspects of integration of Google services and Moodle (LMS) to help educational institutions have a unified system/online experience and tap the potential/power of Google services. The intention is to ensure relevance of the system and improve usage.

  1. Ease of use features and benefits

These features, learnt from research & discussions with various institutions/Moodle users, will facilitate easier use of learning management solution and stickiness to Google Services.




Integrating Assignment module of Moodle with Google Docs/Drive

Facilitate submission of Assignments from students’ Google Docs/Drive which is currently not possible/supported in Moodle

Converting assignments created through any other tool (like MS Word, etc) to Google Docs format while submission  

In-app editing and commenting of assignments by faculty

Auto email triggers


Assignment schedules can be add as an event in the Course Calendar (Google Calendar)


Automatic archiving of assignments for future reference for the college/University

The ecosystem can leverage the powerful collaborative (Share, Comment, etc) features of Google Docs and avoid using various office tools

As the documents remain in Google drive, faculty need not worry about downloading & saving all the assignment submissions into local storage

Automatic triggering of Email (Gmail) alerts to keep the faculty/students informed/engaged with the system

Use the functionality of Google calendar to send alerts to students

Can utilize the Google drive for storage/document management instead of other tools

Integrating Moodle with Google Apps/Services:

  1. Google docs

  2. Google drive

  3. Google forms (integration with Moodle and our CMS)

  4. Calendar

Simple interface/screen within Moodle to seamlessly work with/include content from Google services

Facilitates faculty to create content (from their docs/drive or videos from YouTube or Books from Google Books) in Moodle with few clicks as opposed to laborious technical process of extracting embed string, etc

Share option to select required users from Moodle and/or mail ids from Google contacts

Helps faculty in quick dynamic content creation through a unified LMS+Google system

Faculty can continue to use the benefits of Google services (Access control, Collaboration, Emails, etc) while meeting the college mandate of using LMS. Else the disparate systems would be a hindrance for adoption of both LMS and Google Apps

Reduces duplication of users’ efforts as there will be a two way (seamless) working with Google Apps and LMS

Integrating Moodle  with

  1. Google Books

  2. YouTube

Simple unified interface to create content by including books/ videos from Google Books/You tube

Provides Bookmarking, reviewing, ratings, filtering options in the Moodle interface

Helps faculty to easily create authentic content from popular services like Google Books/You tube and avoid searching and utilizing other sources

Automatic Email triggers on content creation

Email (through Gmail) will be automatically triggered and sent to the students of a course once the faculty creates content

Constant Email communication- every content updation will result in users opening the mails to see content link. Hence better utilization and usage of  Gmail services instead of using any other notifications

Integrating Moodle Reports with Google Drive  

Save reports from Moodle into Google drive

Moodle reports can be safely stored in Google drive. These can now be shared, etc with required set of people through pre-created groups  

Integrating Moodle with Google Hangout (R&D on-going)

Initiate Hangouts from Moodle interface

Video collaboration

Note: Some of these features are being fine tuned for a major release in April

  1. Some Screenshots

This section will have screenshots of key steps of some the functionalities/features. Detailed explanation and actual solution can be demonstrated.

Introduction to Ganymede modules

  1. Integration of assignment module with Google Docs/Drive

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures\lms pics\lms_3.2.jpg

Assignment creation screen

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures\lms pics\lms_6.2.jpg

Submitting assignment created in Google Docs

Selecting the assignment through the Moodle interface

  1. Integration of Moodle and Google Books/ You tube

Adding content from Google Books within Moodle interface

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures\lms pics\LMS_15.jpg

The book is displayed for preview, etc

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures\lms pics\LMS_23.jpg

Search for videos in You tube from the Moodle interface and once selected the video will be included

  1. Integration of Moodle and Google Docs

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures\lms pics\LMS_17.1.jpg

Facility to include content from personal Google drive of faculty/student

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures\lms pics\LMS_18.png

Select the required document