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Using Wifi devices to authenticate with Google Apps accounts via WPA (No hotspot method)

Using Wifi devices to authenticate with Google Apps accounts via WAP (No hotspot method)
This guide shows how to configure Wifi devices, using WPA authentication through a radius server (this is not a web based authentication). This guide was written using a Debian based ( e.g. Ubuntu ) linux distribution. In other distributions just change the "apt-get" to their respective package manager tool., Freeradius only runs over Linux based operating systems.

Please replace appsedudemo.com with your domain and with your freeradius server IP address and with you wireless device public IP address.


  • Linux distribution

  • Freeradius installed

  • Google Apps domain

  • UDP ports ( 1812 , 1813 and 1814 ) opened on the firewall


  • Please follow the Using Freeradius server to authenticate with Google as IdP (No hotspot method) guide.
  • Log into your wireless device control panel.
  • Configure Wireless Security.
  • Select WPA or WPA2 security.
  • If Radius server configuration is not shown, select the 802.1x method.
  • Put the following parameters (replace the parameters with your own addresses, Radius-Secret always must match with your freeradius client secret) 
    • Radius server IP:
    • Radius port: 1812
    • Radius Secret: @appsedudemo
  • Your network device is correctly configured.
  • Save and test connecting and authenticating with full email address as user, and your current password.
  • You can run on debug mode your freeradius in order to test the connection ( freeradius -X ).