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Installing Freeradius

Installing Freeradius
Freeradius is a platform that enables Wifi devices to authenticate with a custom IDP provider. This guide is based on a linux debian distribution,  In other distributions just change the "apt-get" to their respective package manager tool., Freeradius only runs over Linux based operating systems.

Please replace appsedudemo.com with your domain


  • Linux distribution

  • UDP ports ( 1812 , 1813 and 1814 ) opened on the firewall


  • You will need root permissions.
    • $ su
  • Install freeradius
    • $ apt-get install freeradius
  • Go to /etc/freeradius
    • $ cd /etc/freeradius
  • Configure users file and append the following user to bottom.
    • $ nano users
"demo" ClearText-Password := "demo"
  • Start server
    • service freeradius restart
  • Now you can test configuration, the parameters are: username, password, host, port and secret phrase (testing123 is the default)
    • radtest demo demo localhost 1812 testing123
  • Radius server is ready.